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About Us

The Canadian Mental Health Association/Prince Edward Island Division was incorporated in 1959, joining with the national organization to begin its work in this province.

We are a non-profit mental health agency promoting the mental health of all Islanders.

Comprised of over 100 volunteers and more than 40 support staff, we deliver our programs and services that provide information, education and various supports designed to help all Islanders improve their mental wellness.

What We Do

CMHA PEI’s mission is to promote the mental health of all persons on the Island by enabling individuals, groups and communities to increase control over and enhance their mental health.

To carry out this mission, CMHA PEI provides programs and services, education and information, research, advocacy and the development of social policy.

The association’s programs and services vary widely across the Island. There are self-esteem and suicide prevention programs within many Island schools, mental health education sessions and seminars are delivered across the Island and resource libraries are located in three communities. There are three clubhouses: Fitzroy Centre, Notre Dame Place and West Prince Clubhouse which provide employment, residential, education and pre-vocational opportunities. There is also a White Cross program providing social and recreational activities for adults experiencing mental and emotional disorders. For more information about these (and other) programs, please check our Programs and Services page.