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White Cross Christmas Campaign


The Christmas Campaign is an extension of the White Cross Program which provides social recreational activities for people 18 years and older who experience mental or emotional health problems.  Members of White Cross often find that their opportunities for socialization are limited, hence the reason for the program.  Feelings of isolation can be exasperated during the holidays. White Cross volunteers actively seek donations to include in gift packages to members who might not have a network of friends and family to gather with over the holidays, and/or the financial resources to invest in small necessities and luxuries.  These small gifts and acts of kindness go a long way in ensuring the recipients feel valued and maintain good spirits during a time which can be particularly hard for some.

In 2016 the Christmas Campaign resulted in over 800 gifts being distributed to individuals from across the province.



Any of the following items will be gladly accepted:

Hats • Mitts • Socks • Gloves • Toothbrush • Tooth Paste • Deodorant • Shampoo Conditioner • Razors • Shaving Cream • Calendars • Books • Chocolates • Sugar Free Candies • Coffee and other gift cards

Donation boxes can be found at the following locations:


  • Fitzroy Centre Clubhouse, 170 Fitzroy Street
  • CMHA-PEI Division Office, 178 Fitzroy
  • McGill Centre, 55 McGill Avenue
  • Richmond Centre, 1 Rochford Street
  • Sherwood Drug Mart, 19 Brackley Point Road
  • Murchison Centre, 17 St. Pius X Street
  • Connolly Street Lions Bingo Hall, 46 Connolly Street
  • Confederation Centre Library, 145 Richmond Street
  • Rawsome Juice Bar, 133 Queen Street
  • Naturally Fit, 166 St. Peters Road


  • Murphy’s Pharmacy, 56 Broadway Street North


  • Notre Dame Place, 67 Duke Street
  • CMHA-PEI Office, 61 Duke Street
  • The Medicine Shoppe, 54 Central Street
  • Shoppers, Summerside Mall

Tyne Valley

  • Murphy’s Pharmacy, 7033 Route 12


  • Bray’s Independent Grocers, 499 Main Street
  • Alberton Pharmacy, 483 Main Street
  • Hope Centre, 410 Main Street
  • The Medicine Shoppe, 152 Poplar Street


  • O’Leary’s Farmers Co-op, 500 Main Street


  • Credit Union, 284 Business Street


Monetary donations can also be made in the following ways:

  • By visiting CMHA-PEI in Charlottetown (178 Fitzroy Street), Notre Dame Place in Summerside (67 Duke Street) or Hope Centre in Alberton (410 Main Street)               *please make cheques payable to Canadian Mental Health Association PEI                        *you must provide a full mailing address in order to receive a tax receipt
  • By calling (902) 566-3034 (credit card)
  • Online by clicking HERE

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