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Clubhouse Program

The clubhouse model traces its origin to the 1940’s in New York with the establishment of Fountain House in New York City and was introduced to Canada in 1983. Its success is clearly evident by the more than 400 affiliated clubhouses now operating around the world providing membership to more than 50,000 people with mental illness.
It is the vision of clubhouses that people with mental illness everywhere achieve their potential when they are respected as co-workers, neighbours and friends. Clubhouse members are valued as people with the same needs, capabilities and aspirations as all people. By voluntarily contributing their talents as participants in the operation of the clubhouse, they are needed, wanted and expected. In contrast to most experiences in hospital settings, members are respected as individuals with the opportunity to choose among the services provided by the clubhouse.

Clubhouse Beliefs

  • that all individuals have basic human needs which must be met;
  • that individuals exist not alone, but as a member of a family and a community, so that the influence of, and effects on, all other members must be considered when meeting individual needs;
  • that individuals affected by mental illness have the right to a full range of health services, both hospital and community based and that providing supportive services in the community will help decrease the social isolation and sense of loss often associated with mental illness;
  • that emphasis should be on the strengths of the individual rather than their illness;
  • that growth is an individual process, and with support, everyone is capable of improving their level of independence and
  • that our members should have an opportunity to be involved in residential, employment, educational, vocational, social, and recreational programs which enhance their individual growth and participation in the life of the community.

The 4 Guarantees of Clubhouse

  • The right to a place to come
  • The right to meaningful work
  • The right to meaningful relationships
  • The right to a place to return

Who Is Eligible To Join

  • To become a clubhouse member, the applicant must:
  • Have a history of mental or emotional illness
  • Be over 18 years of age, and under 65, when applying
  • Not be abusing alcohol or drugs
  • Be willing and able to become involved in one or more of the clubhouse units
  • Be free from acute symptoms of illness
  • Be living in the community, or if in the hospital, have a definite discharge plan

Our success in P.E.I. is a direct result of the support, generosity, and partnerships provided by the Federal and Provincial Governments, businesses from across our province, the professional community, our many volunteers and the general public from all corners of Prince Edward Island. Without this support, our doors would not be open, and our continued success and growth, would not be possible.

Additional Hope Centre Clubhouse Programs

Hope Centre Clubhouse also offers other services including a gym, a resource library, a fiction library, a games library and social recreational events.

Fitzroy Centre Clubhouse

In 1989, Fitzroy Centre Clubhouse was established by the Canadian Mental Health Association PEI Division. For individuals who have to deal with mental health challenges, Fitzroy Centre provides an environment to help them achieve a level of confidence that promotes productive and socially satisfying lives.

Hope Centre Clubhouse

At the Hope Centre Clubhouse, our goal is participation, not perfection. The focus is on health, not illness; on what people can do, not what they can’t do. Hope Centre Clubhouse provides individuals with mental illness opportunities to access residential, prevocation, employment, education and social recreation programs. The Clubhouse focuses on members’ strengths, talents and abilities. It provides members with an opportunity to set and achieve goals, access support and feel valued and needed.

Hope Centre Clubhouse Primary Programs

Hope Centre Clubhouse offers skill development opportunities and support to its members through their involvement in three main components of the clubhouse:

  • Member Services
  • Career Development
  • Housekeeping/ Kitchen
Notre Dame Place Clubhouse

Notre Dame Place is a clubhouse where individuals with mental or emotional illness can become members. It provides an environment of support and encouragement that enables its membership to strive towards more meaningful and satisfying lives. It is a place of opportunity, and of hope. Like people everywhere, those with mental illness need to feel they are part of a community that values and respects them, and provides them with opportunities to make a contribution. As members of the clubhouse, individuals are encouraged to develop their strengths and talents. This can lead them to greater participation as valuable members of a community, both within the doors of Notre Dame Place and beyond in the broader community

Notre Dame Place Residence Grand Opening (2007)

On October 11, 2007, the official opening of the new Notre Dame Place Residence took place. Gordon Matheson, CMHA/PEI Division President, presided over the opening ceremonies and guests included the Hon. Doug Currie, Minister of Health; Basil Stewart, Mayor of Summerside; plus representatives from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, local MLAs and representatives from the Steering Committee responsible for the planning of the new residence.

This wonderful new facility consists of seven apartment units which provide much needed supported accommodation for people with mental illness. It also contains office space for CMHA Prince County staff and a well-equipped board room.