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Education and Training

One in five Canadians will suffer a mental illness at some time in their life. If you include addictions to alcohol, drugs and gambling, the number is greater than one in three. You may never develop a mental illness but with those odds, the chances are that someone close to you will.
You can have a mental illness and behave just as “normally” as others. Part of what makes that possible is having the right support and treatment. A big part of that support is the acceptance of others.
People with mental illnesses like depression, anxiety disorders and schizophrenia can be accepted more easily if we understand their conditions. For example, mental disorder does not mean low intelligence. “Mental disorder” or” mental illness” or “mental disease” are all terms which describe not a single disease, but a broad classification for many problems which affect thought, emotion and the ability to deal with the stresses and strains of daily life. In legal terms, mental disorder is described as “lack of reason or lack of control of behavior..” These mental health problems are influenced by a combination of many factors including genetics, gender, age, stress, injury, nutrition, toxins and so on.

CMHA /PEI Division has a variety of programs and resources available to help people better understand mental illnesses and to help people attain and maintain mental wellness. These services are available to:

  • the general public
  • people with mental health problems
  • families of persons with mental health problems
  • government organizations and businesses
  • community organizations, etc.

"suicide to Hope"
Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

ASIST is a two-day suicide intervention workshop presented by certified trainers, usually twice annually.  The ASIST workshop is designed to increase caregivers’ knowledge, comfort level and confidence in responding to a person at risk of suicide. Developed by LivingWorks Education, it is the most widely used, acclaimed and researched training of its kind in the world.

Changing Minds

Changing Minds is an innovative, multi-use, mental illness education program.  It was created to address a community need for mental health education, stigma reduction and to provide a better understanding of mental health and mental illness.

CMHA National Publishes Mental Health High School Curriculum Guide

The Canadian Mental Health Association-National recently published their Mental Health and High School Curriculum Guide: Understanding Mental Health and Mental Illness. The resource was created to support educators within Canadian secondary schools to address issues of mental health and mental illness in the classroom.

Mental Health Works

This full-day workshop is a learning experience that enables managers to deal with the complex issues of discussing mental illness with employees, separating performance issues from health issues, creating accommodation strategies that work, and avoiding discrimination and human rights violations. It is offered as a practical and interactive multi-media presentation, delivered only by CMHA-certified trainers.

Mind Your Mind (MYM) is a non-profit, award-winning, website funded in part by the Government of Canada.  MYM is dedicated to providing the necessary info, resources and skills to inspire youth to reach out, get help for themselves or give help to their friends who may be coping with stress, mental health issues, self-harming behaviours or suicide.  MYM is committed to reducing the stigma often associated with reaching out for help.