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Warning Signs for Suicide

In many cases, suicide happens because the warning signs for depression and suicide are missed, avoided or ignored. If we can recognize the warning signs and get the help we need, we are more likely to prevent suicide. The list below contains common signs and personal changes that may suggest a person is at risk of suicide.

  1. Changes in behaviour
    • Are you drinking or using other drugs more than usual?
    • Is it difficult for you to have fun, or to be any fun?
    • Are you irritable and/or angry?
    • Are you acting more impulsively or recklessly than usual?
  2. Physical complaints
    • Have your eating and sleeping habits been changing?
    • Do you get a lot of headaches, stomachaches, or chronic pain?
  3. Changes in thoughts and mood
    • Feeling hopeless about the future?
    • Think things will never change?
    • Seems like there’s no way out of your situation?
    • Worried about thoughts of death and suicide?
  4. Previous Suicide Attempts
    • Was help received after a previous attempt?
    • Is the previous attempt being talked about again, or brought up out of the blue?
  5. Dwelling on Death
    • Making references to death or suicide? (ie. “No one would notice if I were gone.”)
    • Joking, drawing, writing, or making songs about suicide.
    • Preparations for death
      • Talking about going away, with no clear plan?
      • Making a will or giving prized things away?

If suicide is a concern for you or someone you know, then do something about it…tell someone.

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