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7th Annual Moo Let’s Talk Raises over $34,000

COWS 7th Annual Moo Let’s Talk Day was held on Friday, March 22, 2024, from 11 – 8 pm at both COWS locations: COWS Creamery and COWS Queen Street. 100% of proceeds from ice cream sales that day went towards supporting CMHA PEI programs and services. CMHA PEI staff were on-site at both locations throughout the day, talking with Islanders, educating people about our mental health programs and services, and working alongside the incredible COWS team to reduce stigma and raise awareness surrounding mental health by eating ice cream and talking until the cows come home!

To those who shared their stories, thank you. Your voices and experience continue to impact attitudes towards mental health positively and help inspire hope and inspiration to others with similar lived experiences.

Thank you to Moo Let’s Talk long-time honourary spokesperson, Patrick Ledwell who once again extended his talent to be the voice of advocacy and support behind the campaign. Patrick’s passion and dedication to mental health are truly inspiring, and the way he uses his talent to weave comedy into a topic that is, at times, hard to talk about brings a sense of ease and comfort to the table that we think enables folks to open up and share in a safe, light-hearted environment. Thank you, Patrick, for bringing your kindness, empathy and comedy each year to this special day.

To our dedicated sponsors and donors of Moo Let’s Talk, thank you. This day could not have happened without your generosity and support. Thank you to:

We can’t say this one enough, THANK YOU, COWS! Each year, we continue to be blown away by the generosity of COWS, their team members who work diligently behind the scenes to plan and schedule Moo Let’s Talk, and their team members who scoop copious amounts of ice cream until their arms are sore, but push through because mental health matters to them. They are an incredible, passionate group, and we proudly call them partners in our mission.

Thanks to the continued generosity of COWS, our dedicated sponsors and donors, and all Islanders who came out in support of this year’s Moo Let’s Talk Day, a total of $34,966.83 was raised in support of CMHA PEI’s mental health programs and services.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to COWs, and everyone involved in making this event a success every year. Moo Let’s Talk was an incredible day, and the conversations we heard throughout both COWS locations made it abundantly clear that this event has a massive impact on reducing stigma surrounding mental health while raising awareness for mental health programs and services available across PEI. Let’s keep talking until the cows come home PEI, to continue reducing stigma, and raising awareness for mental health every day.

To date, since March 1, 2018, COWS Moo Let’s Talk Day has collectively raised $207,000 in support of mental health programs and services in PEI. Truly Amazing!

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