You are not alone. 9-8-8 is Canada’s new helpline for anyone who is thinking about suicide or who is worried about someone they know. Reach out for help, whenever you need it.

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CMHA National

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Committees & Volunteers


Fitzroy Centre Clubhouse

Steven Bidd, Matt Daubs, Ryan Gallant, Jessica Gillis, Mary Ellen Martin, Dianne McQuaid, Gloria McInnis-Perry, Frank Morrison, Madge Mossberg, and John Reddin

Notre Dame Place Clubhouse

Connie Bryanton, Dale Corish, Kim Deighan, Peter Holman, Beth MacEwen, Josh Warren, Jill Kelly Waugh and Trent Williams

Hope Centre Clubhouse



Individual & Family Support


Suicide Prevention & Life Promotion

Michelle Morrison and Jean Tuplin (Co-Chairs), Dr. Ed Hansen, Jocelyne Ludgate, Nora McCarthy Joyce, Tara Parsons, Rev. Cathy Pharo and Allister Smith

White Cross

Kim Bulger, Josh Lavigne, Cheryl Young


White Cross Event Volunteers

Glenna Campbell, Judy Cheverie, Liz Clay, Heather MacKinnon and Gail Weatherbie.

Family Program

Melissa Bruce, Rick Burger, Giselle MacKinnon and Jannah Toms

Women and Wellness

Kate Aitkens, Ashley Belanger, Jana Burns, Marg Connolly, Michaela Flood, Olivia Gallant, Sydney Innis, Kate Jeffery, Cassandra MacKay, Patty McGuire, Katie Murray, Allison Ritcey and Andrea VanWeichen

Nominating Committee Report

Nominated to the Board:

One Year Term

Colin Campbell

Jamie Arsenault

Two Year Term

Cecil Villard

Deborah Wood Salter

Josh Egan

Steve Dowling

Three Year Term

Linda MacAulay

Michelle Morrison

Tina Pranger

Fred Horrelt

Nominating Chairperson

Colin Campbell

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