You are not alone. 9-8-8 is Canada’s new helpline for anyone who is thinking about suicide or who is worried about someone they know. Reach out for help, whenever you need it.

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World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) is recognized annually on September 10th.  The day serves as a reminder and a call to action for individuals and groups to collaborate to find ways to support those impacted by suicide and suicidal behaviours. Check out these links for more information.

Ways to Show your Support

CMHA encourages Islanders to find a way to recognize WSPD on September 10th. It could be participating in a WSPD event, connecting with someone who is struggling to cope with suicide loss, or displaying a tea-light or candle in a window at 8:00 pm as a symbol of the collective light and hope we have for suicide-safer communities in PEI and around the world.

Light a candle near a window at 8 pm on WSPD. Through the world, candles will shine as a beacon of hope. This is a simple action in remembrance of those who have died from suicide, and in honour of those who survive after being impacted by suicide.

Wear a ribbon. Join others throughout the world in wearing an orange and yellow ribbon as a sign of support for suicide prevention. The colours symbolize a candle’s flame – hope and light in the darkness. If you are planning on organizing your own event, or you would like to source a large number of ribbons, the Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention as them available for sale at the following LINK.

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