You are not alone. 9-8-8 is Canada’s new helpline for anyone who is thinking about suicide or who is worried about someone they know. Reach out for help, whenever you need it.

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Challenge for Change

According to the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (CASP), today in Canada 12 people will end their lives by suicide. 120 people will be left in a state of bereavement. Beyond those, an additional 120 people will be impacted.

World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) is recognized each year on September 10. It is a day to promote understanding about suicide and those impacted by a suicide loss or attempt.

The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (CASP) has a recurring theme for WSPD, Creating Hope Through Action. This theme was designed as a reminder that there is an alternative to suicide. Creating Hope Through Action speaks to the point that our actions may offer hope to those struggling.

On WSPD, 2023, CMHA PEI pledges to Create Hope Through Action by launching a yearlong campaign, Challenge for Change that will challenge Islanders to join us in our overall mission of Mental Health for All. We aim to reduce the stigma surrounding suicide and create positive change for mental health and life promotion (suicide prevention). We will be encouraging people to find their light/beacon of hope, stay committed to increasing their well-being, and celebrate with us in a campaign conclusion event on September 10, 2024.

The event will be held in an Island community (TBD), where we will place a bench, and plant a tree as a reminder to keep mental health and life promotion a priority every day. This will become an annual event in recognition of WSPD. Islanders will also be invited to Light up the Island for change by placing a candle in the window at 8 pm in memory of those who have died by suicide, to recognize those who have survived suicide attempts, and as a symbol of hope for better mental health for all and increased positive change for mental health and life promotion.

Change comes from small actions. Small actions can lead to big change. Will you take the Challenge for Change, and help us improve mental health for all Islanders, reduce stigma and increase positive changes around Mental Health and Life Promotion?

We Challenge You to Create Hope Through Action:

FIND Your Lighthouse – What is your light that gives you hope through life’s challenges? Is it a person, place, it thing? Finding a beacon of light through the darkness gives us hope to keep moving forward.

STAY Committed – Commit to a year of working to increase your own mental health and overall well-being. Actively participate in sessions, training, or events that improve your mental health, and educate yourself about life promotion. Sign up for our free Learning, Training and Support Hub sessions, or one of our trainings including Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), or Mental Health First Aid. These two trainings provide you with situational awareness and skills to help you if you find yourself, or someone else in a mental health or suicide-related crisis.

CELEBRATE With Us – After a year of self-work, we will come together in celebration of improved mental health for all and increased positive change around mental health and life promotion. Join us on September 10, 2024, to recognize World Suicide Prevention Day.

Donate Today

Another way you can get involved in the Challenge for Change, and Create Hope Through Action is by donating to CMHA PEI. By making a donation, you directly impact our ability to provide critical life promotion training like ASIST and Mental Health First Aid. Your donations also impact our other programs and services that are designed to improve the mental health of all Islanders, reduce stigma and increase positive change for mental health and life promotion.

Follow Us On Social Media

Follow Challenge for Change on our socials! Be sure to follow us, and share content to help spread the word. We encourage you to also share how you are Creating Hope Through Action on your social media channels. If you are comfortable, share your “lighthouse”. Tag us in updates on how you are STAY-ing committed to increasing your well-being. Join us, in the Challenge for Change, and help us improve mental health for all Islanders, reduce stigma and increase positive changes around mental health and life promotion. Use #ChallengeForChangePEI, and tag us in your posts.

You can find us on:

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Get Involved

Looking for ways to involve your community or your workplace in the Challenge for Change? Download and print copies of our promotional pieces below and encourage friends, family, staff and others in our communities to get involved!

We will also be giving out postcards and tealights all year long to those in attendance at any of our Learning Hub Sessions, Community Education Presentations, and Training Sessions. You can also give us a call at the CMHA PEI Division Office at (902)566-3034 OR (902) 628-1648 to request postcards and tealights.

If you or someone you know is in immediate crisis or has suicide-related concerns, please reach out to Talk Suicide 24/7 line by calling call 1-833-456-4566 toll-free (In QC: 1-866-277-3553), 24/7, Text 45645 from 4 pm to Midnight ET, or visit You can also reach out to the Island Mobile Mental Health Response Service at 1-833-553-6983

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